A modern seduction in perfect balance between masculine and feminine. 

For the Fall Winter 2023—24 collection of Tagliatore 0205, Pino Lerario, the eclectic creative mind behind the brand, envisions a woman with a style that is both minimal and sophisticated. This woman gracefully and sensually explores her femininity while also embracing, at times, her more masculine side.

The collection presents a seamless fusion of two antithetical yet complementary worlds. Tailored suits with clean lines, reminiscent of classic tailoring, are presented in various styles. They feature patterns such as pinstripes and Prince of Wales in shades of grey, as well as tones of bordeaux, purple, and British green. These elegant pieces are complemented by oversized dressing-gown-style maxi coats with deliberately ample shoulders for a touch of Eighties silhouettes and power dressing.

Drawing inspiration from the Eighties style and power dressing, the outerwear showcases prominent shoulders and defined waistlines accentuated by belts. This design ethos embodies a woman who exudes strength and independence while maintaining an extraordinary level of sophistication, celebrating her femininity along the way.

The collection’s fabric of choice is velvet, used in smooth single- and double-breasted suits. For glamorous evenings, the fabric transforms with shimmering sequins, creating a seductive film-noir ambiance.

In addition to the iconic white, camel, blue, and total black—essential elements of Tagliatore 0205’s lexicon, celebrated for their simplicity that highlights impeccable cuts and forms—Lerario introduces a modern stylistic sensibility with more playful hues. Pastel blue and pink, as well as vibrant fuchsia, adorn classic ensembles and cropped jackets in bouclé fabric, pairing beautifully with mini skirts.

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