Sartorial attitude and an almost maniacal attention to every detail have always been Pino Lerario’s design dictates – and the stylistic code of his storytelling. Thus, for the Spring Summer, the eclectic Creative Director introduces Collection characterised by a strong identity which is once again able to excite.

Fabric of choice for the warm season is linen, a noble and natural fiber that lives on in natural fresh garments with a shiny touch. With a new stylistic language, slim-fit jackets, suits and trench coats feature leaner silhouettes that enhance the sinuosity of the female body, winking at tailoring and craftsmanship – which are unfailing Lerario’s design. Within the creative project, soft shapes and more over-sized silhouettes provide with an unstructured and androgynous look that is just timeless. The gritty aesthetic of the Collection is also imparted by a rich color palette made up of pink, green and yellow and monochromatic earthy tones, along with the timeless blue, black and white that, for the evening, are covered in sequins for a glamorous look.

The Tagliatore 0205 Collection allows women to express their many sides, with a constant search of the perfect alchemy between color and shape. A unique and unmistakable style, where the soul of each garment is interpreted and expressed with a careful study, for a modern elegance and a decisive yet never flaunted femininity.

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