Legal Notices

Confezioni Lerario s.r.l. informs that its trademark “Tagliatore” is registered in Italy and abroad, and is therefore protected by the provisions of Legislative Decree 10 February 2005 no. 30 and subsequent amendments, as well as international regulations on industrial and intellectual property. Any unauthorized use of this right also on the Internet represents a violation of the exclusive right conferred by the registration and, therefore, improper use is wary of it; the fraudulent and illegal use of this exclusive right, as well as any act of unfair competition, will be the subject of a complaint to the competent Authorities, as well as legal protection in civil and criminal matters. Confezioni Lerario s.r.l. declines any liability for any online purchases made on unauthorized sites or platforms, highlighting that the “Tagliatore” products are distributed by the Company exclusively through its expressly approved retailers. For company policy, Confezioni Lerario s.r.l. does not make any direct online sales to end users. Customers are therefore invited to contact authorized resellers only..

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