Defining a new concept of tailoring.

The Spring Summer 2024 Collection designed by Pino Lerario, Tagliatore’s eclectic Creative Director, seems to draw on the chromatics of a tropical aquarium.

While the dominant color is teal, forays into intense shades such as peacock green, or of strong visual impact such as yellow and orange, become trademarks of the warm season. Technical, high-performing fabrics, an integral part of the Collection, are juxtaposed with cool linen and soft gabardine; watchword for each of them: quality and extreme pleasantness to the touch.

The aesthetic dialogue between sartorial inspiration and soft silhouettes results in a versatile wardrobe in which deconstructed blazers are paired with flowing trousers. Underneath the suit separate, skin-worn low-cut V-neck sweaters or cardigans give the most classic looks a pleasantly relaxed and casual attitude, redefining the codes of masculine elegance. On informal occasions, the over-shirt – declined in endless colorways and fabrics, it’s the outerwear of choice for the warm season.

Knitwear becomes the repository of a continuous experimentation made of transparencies, openwork and weaves. In kurta or pajama style with open collar, short and long sleeves, the shirts are offered in seersucker or perforated cotton, with a contemporary reinterpretation of sangallo embroidery.

Within the Collection, the Capsule Pino Lerario, in which the eponymous Creative Director dares with unprecedented shades of antique pink and lavender, alongside with the iconic white and total black. Blazers with a more structured construction and insulated shoulders, spokesmen for the inimitable Tagliatore style, are paired with wide-bottomed pants, redefining proportions with an eye constantly turned to the contemporary, cosmopolitan man.

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