A story made of passion and determination, of love for beauty and elegance

Everything began in Martina Franca, Puglia, in the workshop of Vito Lerario known as Tagliatore because he used to cut and stitch shoe uppers. This nickname was inherited by his son Franco, who instead decided to dedicate himself to tailoring. In 1994 he opened the company Confezioni Lerario and in 1999 launched the brand Tagliatore. A family story that has its origins in the sign of authenticity and Italian know-how.

A family business, which has reached the second generation and is founded on an all Italian production line. Among the four children, each with a key role within the company, Pino Lerario is the creative mind and the spokesperson driving the brand, who follows with meticulous attention all the planning and productive phases.

Pino Lerario & The Family

“My grandfather produced shoes. Then we passed onto clothes with the same taste, with that obsessive attention for design, know how, testing and cutting. Ours is a family story, we have grown and we have evolved to the point of launching our brand in the world. Today we are a company with a tailormade vocation and over the years there has been a great evolution in the brand. One of the best moments of my career was certainly when I met Nino Cerruti, not only a great businessman but one of the best creators of fabrics, who has represented elegance and style for decades at an international level.” Pino Lerario

The Territory

“In Puglia we find ourselves working in a place which is a little distant from the conventional areas of fashion, in an area where a centre, which has a long tradition on its shoulders, has developed. In this land, during every creative process you are inspired by the location and by its colours, and by the aromas and sensations of the earth. The landscape is an important component, to say nothing of the people, an innate elegance exists and enters our culture, a simple formality which all people follow even just for a short walk in the open. We want to transmit these emotions and this atmosphere in our items of clothing. In our men’s collections we have revolutionized the world of the jacket, with the introduction of wide lapels and harmonic slim fits so that everything is in line with the male body, also playing with sophisticated colour combinations with the innovation of brick red, red and lobster red: hints able to enliven the fabric.” Pino Lerario

House of Tagliatore

House of Tagliatore is a place where Tagliatore’s values ​are shared with friends and connoisseurs of the brand. Unique and distinctive style guided by the taste of Pino Lerario, creative director and soul of the brand. An exclusive and inclusive meeting place in the heart of Milan, an unprecedented space for continuous evolution in which the culture and expression of the Tagliatore world coexist. The Tagliatore aesthetic connects with the pillars of contemporary lifestyle with a perfect combination of fashion, design, cinema and music.


Legal Notice

Confezioni Lerario s.r.l. declines any liability for any online purchases made on unauthorized sites or platforms, highlighting that the “Tagliatore” products are distributed by the Company exclusively through its expressly approved retailers.

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