Tagliatore double-breasted coat and check patterned trousers featured in Dlui. Styled by Carlo Alberto Pregnolato, photographed by Christophe Meimoon.



Tagliatore 0205 leopard coat featured in Vogue Italia. Styled by Zara Zachrisson, photographed by James Perolis.



Tagliatore 0205 houndstooth coat featured in Vanity Fair. Styled by Cleo Casini, photographed by Alex Cayley.



Tagliatore vest and trousers featured in GQ. Styled by Andrea Tenerani , photographed by Thomas Goldblum.



Tagliatore double-breasted wool coat featured in Idee e Lifestyle del Sole 24 Ore. Styled by Elisa Furlan, photographed by Mattia Balsamini.




Tagliatore 0205 coat featured in IO Donna. Styled by Flavia Galatini, photographed by Frankiewicz & Rozniata.