Tagliatore leather biker jacket featured in D La Repubblica. Styled by Davide Brambilla, photographed by Stefano Galuzzi.

Tagliatore double-breasted jacket featured in IL Maschile. Styled by Elisa Furlan, photographed by Manuele Geromini.

Tagliatore corduroy trench coat featured in ICON. Styled by David St. John-James, photographed by Serge Leblon.

Tagliatore jacket featured in ICON. Styled by Marco Dellasette, photographed by CG Watkins.

Tagliatore 0205 double-breasted jacket featured in Elle Italia. Servizio di Amelianna Loiacono, foto di Laura Sciacovelli.

Tagliatore 0205 double-breasted jacket featured in Vogue Italia. Styled by Renata Correa, photographed by Henrique Gendre.

Tagliatore jacket featured in The Good Life. Styled by Concetta D’Angelo, photographed by Claudia Pasanisi.

Tagliatore check patterned jacket and trousers featured in Vanity Fair Italia. Styled by Leonardo Caligiuri, photographed by Andoni & Arantxa.

Tagliatore 0205 denim trench coat featured in Amica. Styled by Claudia Carretti, photographed by Philippe Cometti.

Tagliatore suit and shoes featured in GQ Italia. Styled by Andrea Tenerani, photographed by Van Mossevelde+N.