Tagliatore pants featured in Vogue Italia Suppl. Uomo. Photographed by Ethan James Green and styled by Brian Molloy. 

Tagliatore 0205 cotton trench coat featured in Vanity Fair Italia. Photographed by Carla Guler and styled by Simone Guidarelli. 

Tagliatore coat featured in Esquire Italia. Styled by Antonio Autorino. 

Tagliatore 0205 double-breasted jacket featured in D la Repubblica. Photographed by Ina Lekiewicz and styled by Irene Barra. 

Tagliatore suit featured in GQ Italia. Photographed by Philip Gay and styled by Nik Piras. 

Tagliatore 0205 linen pants featured in Grazia Italia. Photographed by Jonathan Segade and styled by Sara Bascunan Alonso and Nike Antignani. 

Tagliatore jacket featured in Icon Magazine. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Edoardo Caniglia. 

Tagliatore leather jacket featured in Style Magazine. Photographed by Letizia Ragno and styled by Luca Roscini. 

Tagliatore 0205 double-breasted jacket and shorts featured in Elle Italia. Photographed by Laura Sciacovelli and styled by Monica Curetti.