Alessio Lapice, an Italian actor, wears Tagliatore bomber jacket and trousers featured in GQ Italia. Styled by Nicolò Andreoni, photographed by Pablo Arroyo.



Tagliatore 0205 Prince of Wales maxi coat featured in Amica magazine. Styled by Claudia Carretti, photographed by Jacopo Moschin.



Edoardo Leo, an Italian actor, wear Tagliatore double-breasted coat featured in Style Magazine. Styled by Carlo Terzi, photographed by Toni Thorimbert.



Tagliatore 0205 zebra patterned alpaca coat feature in Amica Magazine. Styled by Giulia Bassi, photographed by Tomas Falmer.



Tagliatore coat featured in GQ Italia. Styled by Nik Piras, photographed by Philip Gay.



Tagliatore jacket featured in Icon Magazine. Styled by Edoardo Caniglia, photographed by Catherine Servel.



Tagliatore 0205 blue velvet maxi coat featured in Numéro Magazine. Styled by Irina Marie Bondarenko, photographed by Kacper Kasprzyn.



Tagliatore zip-up knotted pullover featured in Style Magazine. Styled by Luca Roscini, photographed by Laurent Humbert.