A swimming pool outside a splendid Villa is the setting of Tagliatore 0205 Spring Summer 2018 Campaign, where the perfect balance between lights and shadows reminds “La Piscine” by Deray, becoming the romantic environment that whispers joy and melancholy at the same time. Tagliatore 0205 finds inspiration in the absorbed figure from the vague Penelope’s “Lolita”, acted by Jane Birkin. Its 60’s modern style is to be reinterpreted to communicate the Collection. Jackets with perfect fit, iridescent fabrics or with raffia effect, trenchs like denim or with botanical prints, become this season’s passe-partout. The Campaign, again entrusted to Lucian Bor, photographer-poet of fashion, almost sartorially expresses through images the light of a sensual and whispered elegance.