Tagliatore 0205 coat photographed by Laura Sciacovelli for Elle Italia, styled by Monica Curetti.

Tagliatore 0205 jacket in Amica. Photographed by Jacopo Moschin and styled by Claudia Carretti. 

Tagliatore pants featured in Esquire Italia. Photographed by Federica Falcone and styled by Stephanie Kherlakian.

Tagliatore 0205 two-button jacket in houndstooth wool featured in Grazia. Photographed by Gioconda & August and styled by Selin Bursalioglu. 

Tagliatore leather jacket and turtleneck on Icon Magazine. Photographed by Marco Van Rijt and styled by Mathilde Storm.

Model wears Tagliatore turtleneck on Icon Magazine. Styled by Mathilde Storm, photographed by Marco Van Rijt.

Tagliatore 0205 coat in IO Donna. Photographed by Jork Weismann, styled by Ulrike Lang. 

Tagliatore jacket, pants and tie on Style Magazine. Photographed by Massimo Zanusso and styled by Giovanni Deruvo.